How Rent to Own Works

What is Rent to Own?

Rent to Own, sometimes referred to as “RTO,” is an affordable payment option with no credit check!

After you find the perfect storage shed for your needs, we will enter into a rental agreement with you where we agree to rent the storage shed to you for a low monthly payment. The payment is figured on the price of the building and the term of the agreement. We offer payment terms of 36, 48, and 60 months to help you find a payment option that works within your budget! You pay only the first payment and security deposit, and then the shed is delivered! Each month when you make your rental payment, the rental agreement is renewed and you keep the shed for another month.

You will not own the shed until you pay the monthly payments for the complete rental term or pay off early. There is no penalty for paying your agreement off early. In fact, we give you a significant discount for early payoff!

As with any agreement where you pay for a product over time, you will pay more than the cash price. The benefit to you is that you can have a beautiful shed in your backyard for a low monthly payment, without credit, and with the freedom to terminate the agreement at any time!

Ready to get started? Contact us to find a local dealer near you!

R-T-O in 3 easy steps!

Reach out to one of our partnering dealer locations to find the shed that best fits your storage needs. Contact us to find a local dealer near you!

Talk with a knowledgeable salesperson. Our salespeople will listen and help you find the right shed for your storage needs at the right monthly payment for your budget. After you complete the shed order and rental agreement, the shed will be delivered to you in a timely manner. You will then be well on your way to storage ownership!

Own your shed! Continue making monthly payments for the rental agreement term or pay off early with a significant discount. All that’s left then is to simply enjoy years of storage ownership right in your backyard!

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NEW: Introducing PMB’s Roll-Off Container Lease Program!LEARN MORE!