Payment Options

Online Payment

Click one of the buttons below to make your online payment. You will then be redirected to a second site that will ask for your account number.

*Accounts that start with 1 or 2

*Accounts that start with 3 or 4

If you have any questions, check out “Online Payments Help” on your account screen once you login or complete our contact form.

Auto Pay

Set it and forget it!

Once you have registered your account online, you may add debit or credit card information. In order to be enrolled in auto pay, complete the online form and then click to enroll. We will take it from there! You will receive e-mail confirmation when your payment processes each month. You will also receive e-mail notification if the payment is not successful, and you can contact us for further assistance with the payment. At the end of your contract, the auto pay will stop once your account is closed to give you one less thing to remember to do!

Pay By App

PMB Rentals App

Get it on Google Play    Download on the App Store

RTO Rentals App

Get it on Google Play    Download on the App Store

  • Click above or go to your app store and search for PMB Rentals or RTO Rentals (as applicable).  It’s free!  The icons look like this:
  • You will need your account number to register on the app.
  • Once registered you can see payment(s) due, make payment, view account balance, get early buy-out amount, and contact us.
  • Call us if you need any help.  We are here to assist you! Call 731-642-0006 and press 3 to speak with a customer service representative.

Pay By Phone


  • Press 1 to make a payment using the automated attendant.  If you are calling from a phone number associated with your account, our automated system will recognize you.  If you are calling from another number, you will be asked to enter the phone number associated with your account.
  • Press 3 to speak to a customer service representative.

Pay By Mail

Request payment coupons and envelopes from us!  If you don’t have them you can still mail payment:

PMB Rentals, LLC – (Accounts starting with 1 or 2)
C/O Iberia Bank
P.O. Box 52333
Lafayette, LA 70505-2333

RTO Rentals, LLC – (Accounts starting with 3 or 4)
RTO Rentals, LLC
P.O. Box 197510
Nashville, TN 37219

We must receive your payment before or on the due date or a late fee will be incurred.

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NEW: Introducing PMB’s Roll-Off Container Lease Program!LEARN MORE!