Protection – Liability Damage Waiver

Is your unit protected against storms or accidental damage?

Our Liability Damage Waiver program, LDW for short, gives our customers protection and peace of mind as it protects them from liability during the term of the rental agreement should an act of God affect the building. Our LDW program is typically more affordable than adding your storage building to your home insurance policy as the monthly cost is only 10% of your pre-tax monthly rental payment. For example, if your pre-tax monthly rental payment is $135.00 then LDW rate is $13.50 (plus tax) per month! There is no deductible and coverage continues as long as you make your monthly rental payment and LDW payment.

With LDW coverage, we will repair or replace structural damage caused by natural disasters such as storms, tornadoes, fire, etc. (*Please see the full Liability Damage Waiver Agreement for full details.) The LDW does not cover items inside the storage building and the program does not waive any responsibility resulting from customer misuse. If you have further questions about our LDW program please call 270-248-7562 or fill out the LDW Request Form for more information!

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Storm Damage
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